User Levels

NetX administrators can assign levels to each user that permit certain actions within the system. User levels, when combined with standard permissions, allow for granular access to assets stored in NetX. There are seven user levels available: browserconsumerimporterproducermanagerdirector, or administrator

User level matrix

Action Browser Consumer Importer Producer Manager Director Administrator
Save searches    X    X X X X X X
Create user attribute sets X X X X X X X
Share with team X X X X X X X
Edit user profile X X X X X X X
Download assets   X X X X X X
Download attribute data   X X X X X X
Create share links   X X X X X X
Create PDFs   X X X X X X
Repurpose assets   X X X X X X
Upload a selection from CSV   X X X X X X

Upload assets

*see Importers and the Users Folder)

    X* X X X X
Create/manage versions       X X X X
Edit smart labels       X X X X
Create relationships between assets       X X X X
Create/manage asset views       X X X X
Create and manage video clips
      X X X X
Edit attribute values       X X X X
Resync assets       X X X X
Hide assets       X X X X
View/download attribute history       X X X X
Create/manage upload requests       X X X X
Edit filename         X X X
Delete assets         X X X
Organize assets         X X X
Manage folders         X X X
Expire assets
        X X X
View statistics
          X X
View system overview
          X X
Manage users and groups           X X
Manage permissions           X X
Manage brand settings            X X
Create/manage portals           X X
View/approve download requests           X X
Create/manage custom attributes             X
Create/manage vocabularies             X
Create/manage system attribute sets             X
Create/manage metadata maps
Create/manage attribute profiles
Manage attribute permissions
Manage access filters             X
Manage system properties             X
View user logins             X
Download logs             X
Run jobs
Create and manage AutoTasks             X
Manage site integrations
Create and manage repurpose presets
Manage storage locations
Manage engines             X
Set asset visibility
Cancel checkouts             X
Lock/unlock assets             X
Archive/unarchive assets             X
View and edit dashboard X X X X X X X
View assets X X X X X X X
View asset metadata X X X X X X X
Search X X X X X X X
Create collections X X X X X X X

Numerical equivalents

Certain properties accept a user level number as a value:

  • No access: 0
  • Browser: 1
  • Consumer: 2
  • Importer: 3
  • Producer: 4
  • Manager:  7
  • Director: 8
  • Administrator: 9

No access level

The No access user level prohibits a user from logging into NetX and is handy when you want to disable access to the system without deleting the account. No access users cannot be added as participants in the following contexts:

If a user account was already a participant or principal in the contexts above before it was downgraded to No access, it will not be removed but will not receive future notifications from these workflows. No access users can still be added to Groups or referenced in Search rules.

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