A screenshot of your application while a potential bug is occurring may be requested so that our engineering team can diagnose and fix the problem you are experiencing, in addition to any screen recordings and log files which may be requested during the course of a support ticket. This may include a shot of the problematic event itself as well as any errors or warnings found in with your browser's developer tools

 It is recommended that even if your issue is only visible from a small area of your browser window, your screenshot still includes your whole browser window, including the URL.


You can use your machine's native tools in order to take screenshots of all or part of your screen:

Full Screen

If you want to quickly take a screen sho of your entire screen, use  Shift-Command (⌘)-3. This will automatically place a screenshot of your machine as a time-stamped .png on your Desktop. 

Partial Screen

To take a partial screenshot of your browser window,  Shift-Command (⌘)-4


Your pointer icon will become a crosshair, and you can use this to hold down your cursor and drag across the screen the area which you want to screenshot. Once you have finished dragging across your screen, a .png file of your selected area will appear on your Desktop.

Windows 10

Windows makes screen capturing easy with their native Print Screen button, which may be abbreviated as PrtScn on your keyboard. Simply press Ctrl + Print Screen.

Upon initiating a screenshot action a crosshair will appear in place of your pointer icon. You can optionally drag this crosshair across the affected area of your NetX instance, or simply click once into the browser window to automatically grab the whole application in one action. You will be immediately presented with your new screenshot. This will allow you to crop or add to the image; if no changes are necessary simply select Save: 

Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 Type covers do not have a native print screen button. Instead, use Windows + Space + Fn and follow the instructions above to capture your NetX application window. 

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