Hosted Site Types

The following types of hosted sites are available, depending on your requirements:

Type Description Monitored and backed-up Lifespan
Prod Production (PROD) deployments are live, mission-critical instances of NetX. These instances require a SaaS subscription. Production sites are monitored, backed-up, and active for the duration of the SaaS subscription. Yes For the duration of the SaaS subscription
Demo Prospective customers may be provided with a demonstration or "sandbox"  instance of NetX for evaluation.  These sites are often also used for training purposes during the Onboarding process for new customers.  NetX has a policy not to convert Demonstration sites into Production.  Demo sites are not monitored or backed up and have a typical lifespan of 30-90 days. No 30-90 days

A User Acceptance Testing (UAT) site is a temporary clone of your production instance and is deployed when needed to test or validate major configuration changes or other special circumstances. This type of site is often referred to as "Staging", "QA" or "Develop".  A UAT site includes all asset records, including attribute data, thumbnails and previews from the corresponding Production site.  The UAT site will not include asset original files from the repository, views, versions or zoom tiles.  Testing any action that requires access to the asset original file (e.g. Download, Repurpose, Resync, Review & Approval, Zoom, Share) will require new uploads or reimport of original files.

The following Production site features are NOT supported in UAT sites:

  • Glacier Archive
  • Media Services (i.e YouTube, iTunes, Brightcove, etc)

UAT sites are not monitored or backed up and have a typical lifespan of 30 days or less.

UAT sites can be requested via Support.  Please expect a minimum of 3-5 business days for your UAT site to be available.

No 30 days

If your organization desires a permanent secondary instance, you can purchase a very small storage option (as low as 100GBs).  For more complex deployments, especially those with many AutoTask workflows, we encourage you to obtain a permanent Test instance so that new releases can be verified before going live on Production. These instances also allow customers to retain specific data sets and files to simplify testing. 

Test sites are monitored, backed-up and active for the duration of the SaaS subscription.

When purchasing a subscription to a permanent Test site, NetX can perform a one-time clone of your Production instance database. This includes the underlying data, but not the original asset files themselves (to minimize storage costs). Subsequent database clones will incur Professional Services. Please contact your NetX Account Manager if you require a Test site.

Yes For the duration of the SaaS subscription


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