Hard Drive Requirements

Please follow these guidelines when sending us your hard drive for the import or export of files from NetX. If you need a hard drive to load your files for importing to NetX, we can provide a secure Padlock Drive with a capacity limit of 4TB. If you send us your hard drive for file export, it will be reformatted and any existing files on the drive will be erased.


Your organization is responsible for all costs associated with sending and returning a hard drive.  Please package your drive safely, include any required power supply and USB cords, and include a return label. Ship to:

NetX Digital Asset Management
310 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 1120
Portland OR 97204
T: 503-499-4342

Formatting your hard drive using Windows

Drives formatted using Windows must use the exFAT filesystem.  You must also set the correct allocation unit size AUS (a.k.a. cluster size) for compatibility with Mac:

  1. My Computer
  2. Right click HDD
  3. Format
  4. choose exFAT
  5. AUS 128 kilobytes
  6. Start

Formatting your hard drive using Mac

exFAT is preferred, but we will accept hard drives formatted APFS or HSF+ (a.k.a. Mac OS Extended):

  1. Disk Utility
  2. Erase
  3. choose exFAT (APFS or HSF+)
  4. OK


For the protection of your assets, we recommend encrypting at the drive level. Please do not encrypt individual files.

Hardware encrypted drives are permissible with the passphrase provided to NetX. For information on secure transfer of passwords or software-level encryption contact your NetX Account Manager or NetX Support.

Connector protocol

Power supply cords and connector cables must be supplied with your hard drive. NetX only supports the use of USB3 cables, and at least one end must be USB3 A. 

NetX-supplied padlock drive

We can provide a secure 4TB storage device for shipping your assets to us for import. Contact your NetX Account Manager or NetX Support to make arrangements for the use of this device. 

Connecting the drive to your computer

  1. Unpack the drive; remember to save the packing material for return shipping.
  2. Make sure the drive’s power switch is in the “0” position.
  3. Connect the included power supply to the drive.
  4. Connect the drive to your computer via included USB3 cable.
  5. Flip the drive’s power switch to the “1” position. At this point, a red lock icon should appear on the drive’s screen. 

Unlocking the drive

  1. Type in the 7 digit code provided by NetX. 
  2. Press the unlock button.
  3. The drive is now ready (red lock turns to green) and should appear as a device on your computer. 
  4. Read our File Ingest Policy before copying assets to this drive.

Returning the drive

  1. Pack the drive in its original shipping materials. Be sure to include:
    • Padlock Drive
    • Power adapter
    • USB3 cable
  2. Send by courier to the address at the top of this article.
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