Retrieving Logs

During the course of a support ticket, you may be asked to produce logs from your instance as well as supporting details which will help the engineering team track down your specific problem. While this is a simple process through your application, there are  some things to keep in mind as you gather the logs to pass on to support. Below you will find out how to download your logs from your application, what supporting information you may need alongside your log files, and how to adjust your log property to make sure our engineering team can get as much information as possible regarding your issue.

Downloading Logs

You can download logs from your NetX application directly. Simply navigate to the Systems area and select the Logs tab. It is important that the logs you download to pass on to support include the time frame in which the error occurred; your application allows for the download of log files up to five days old. Once you have selected a time period, your download will be a .zip file. From the zipped folder you will find exogen.log; attach this to your support ticket alongside supporting details so Engineering will be able to efficiently find your issue. If there are multiple exogen.log files it is important that you try to pass along only those files which cover the date and time the issue occurred. 

If your issue occurred more than five days prior to downloading your log files, and you can not reproduce the issue for a more recent log file, please work with support to retrieve your files from a specific time more than five days past. 

Supporting Details

As your log files contain all of the actions which occurred during the time period you have selected, narrowing down the information relevant to your issue is crucial to our engineering team successfully diagnosing and fixing the problem. Some of the information which may be requested includes but is not limited to:

  • Asset ID(s)
  • Time issue occurred
  • Affected user(s)
  • AutoTask name(s)
  • Action(s) performed

Log Levels

The following property determines the amount of information recorded about actions taken in your application for your exogen.log files. For the sake of efficiency, it is highly recommended that this property value is set to 2 outside of support contexts. However, if a log file is requested it is also recommended that you adjust this value to 1 for more verbose records.

Once you have adjusted this property, you must recreate the issue you have filed with support in order for the behavior to be recorded in your log files. If you or the individual who you are filing a support ticket on behalf of are unable to recreate the problem, please still send the logs you have for the correct time period.

Property Values Description Requires restart?
log.log_level or 2

This number will determine the amount of information NetX records in its log files:

1 - DEBUG; if requested by Support, changing your log level to 1 and then reproducing any issue you are having with your application will provide much more information for our Engineering team. Once you have procured the relevant log files, it is strongly recommended that you adjust this property back to the default of 2. These changes do not require a restart.

2 - INFO; this is the default log level and the recommended value used for every-day application usage. Very basic events are logged at this level.

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