NetX I/O 4 Release Notes

NetX I/O 4.1.16

September 4, 2022


  • Fixed an issue affecting the CLI that was preventing commands from running when the local java environment was using JDK 17 or greater.

NetX I/O 4.1.15

October 24, 2022


  • Fixed an issue affecting Windows environments where asset imports would be skipped when located in a directory which had a single letter name
  • Fixed an issue where toggling persist attribute values maintained values from a previous import
  • Fixed an issue where Task configurations would occasionally disappear
  • Fixed an issue where certain task-based imports failed when connected to an instance of NetX 10.5.0 or greater.

NetX I/O 4.1.10

June 17, 2022


  • Fixed issue which prevented SSO connections because of a cert validation error

NetX I/O 4.1.9

June 13, 2022


  • Fixed an issue which caused downloads to be limited to 2GB in size

NetX I/O 4.1.5

April 12, 2022


  • Fixed an issue which caused non-latin characters to be changed to incorrect characters on import
  • Updated the Learn More button to navigate to the NetX User Guide

NetX I/O 4.1.4

January 5, 2022

What's new

NetX I/O 4.1.3

December 15, 2021

What's new

NetX I/O 4.1.2

December 14, 2021

What's new

NetX I/O 4.1.1

November 29, 2021


  • Fixed issue that prevented SSO login from working with certain providers

NetX I/O 4.1.0

September 13, 2021

What's new

  • Improved performance of asset file uploads

NetX I/O 4.0.1


  • The NetX version compatibility check has temporarily been removed, it was overzealous and stood in the way of progress.
  • Remember that Cancel button the on the In Progress panel that didn’t cancel the upload? We removed that too.

NetX I/O 4.0.0

What's new

  • Updated for compatibility with NetX 9.



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