NetX System Requirements

See the table below for detailed information on system requirements for on-premise installation of NetX products. NetX will not provide assistance with configuration in unsupported environments. For a list of software required for hosting NetX, see  Supported Platforms.  If you are a SaaS (hosted) customer, NetX sysadmins will be deploying your site and this article will not be relevant.

Recommended system requirements

Recommended system requirements depend on a number of different variables (eg. maximum asset size, maximum image conversion load, size of the asset repository, and acceptable latency, etc) as well as the maximum number of concurrent requests that the system will experience during peak hours. The NetX Sizing Guide could help you choose a server with sufficient resources based on your use case and usage. NetX typically will not perform well in a tightly constrained, shared environment. Please be careful to ensure that your choice of hosting platform is capable of supplying sustained processing and memory capacity for the server. 

Single server deployment (SMB/departmental use)

Components Description

Minimum: 4 cores

Recommended: 4 cores


Minimum: 8GB

Recommended: 16GB; larger installations may require more than 16GBs of RAM

Local disk storage

A minimum of 500GB local storage is required for database, logs, and application only. SAS or SSD highly recommended.  Asset/constituent storage space will vary depending on the expected size of your repository. If you want to use NAS or SAN for asset storage, gigabit connectivity is required.  For best performance, asset repository and related appFiles should be stored on dedicated physical/virtual volumes — NFS, SMB,  or other mounted volumes are supported.

Minimum: 500GB

Recommended: 1TB

Enterprise multi-server deployment (multiple servers can be used for each role, as necessary for scaling)

Server role CPU Memory Local disk storage
Search engine 16 cores 32GB 500GB SSD
Database 16 cores


Application (NetX) 4 cores 16GB  100GB
Zoom 4 cores 16GB  250GB
Video 32 cores 64GB 500GB
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