Managing Upload Requests

The upload request system allows external users to upload files into NetX without a user account. Only Producers and above can create or manage upload requests.

This article explains how to create and manage upload requests. To learn how to upload assets using an upload request form, see Upload Requests

Creating an upload request

Uploads using a request form are recorded as uploads performed by the NetX account that created the form. If the form creator's account is set to No access or deleted, the upload request form will no longer direct to an upload form. To avoid this issue, create a generic service account when creating upload request forms. Alternately, if a request is no longer active due to a user's status you can Duplicate the request with a new URL.

  1. Click the Tools button in the left sidebar.
  2. Choose Upload requests.
  3. Click the plus button (Add new upload request) to begin creating a new request.
  4. Configure your upload request form.
  5. When finished, click Save.
  6. You will be presented with the upload request link URL; either copy it to your clipboard or email it from the application.


1 creation-settings.png

  • Enable link: If toggled on, access to the request is active. If this link toggle is off, users will be presented with an error when trying to access the form. 
  • Title (required): A descriptive name for the new request. This title will not be shown to users of the request, and is for internal tracking only. 
  • Folder (required):  All files uploaded using this link will be uploaded into this folder. Folder selection is subject to permissions if the user is not an administrator
  • Allow attribute editing: Files can be uploaded with or without attribute values via an upload request. If this toggle is on, any attributes added to the request will be editable by uploaders. If the toggle is off, uploads will not be able to view or edit attributes. This option allows a link creator to assign attribute data to all uploaded assets without user visibility or intervention.
  • Notify: Any user or group saved in this field will receive emails notifying them of any uploads performed using this share link. Only one value can be used in this field; to notify multiple users at a time for a particular request, put the desired notifyees in a group.
  • Expiration date: Set an expiration date for the request by either typing the date (YYYY-MM-DD) or using the calendar button. When the expiration date is reached, the request will automatically disable. Expired links can be re-enabled by modifying the existing expiration date or toggling Enable link to on, which will automatically clear the expiration date.


2 attribute-settings.png

  • Attribute sets: Quickly select an attribute set in order to populate the list of available attributes in the request.
  • Add attribute: Add attributes individually using the Add attribute dropdown and selecting from the list of available attributes.
  • Required: If the required checkbox is checked, the attribute must be filled with a value before files are uploaded to NetX. Note: required attributes only affect the fields shown in the request link.
  • Remove attribute: Use the Remove (x) button to remove the attribute from the upload request completely.
  • Default value: Assign the attribute a default value according to its attribute type. If no other value is entered by the user or if the attribute is not editable by users, this will be the value for that attribute applied to every asset uploaded using the request.
  • Pencil: Expands/collapses the LabelPlaceholder, and Caption fields. 
  • Label: Gives the attribute a Label; this label overrides the NetX attribute's Name.
  • Placeholder: A placeholder value for the attribute.
  • Caption: Any captions or notes to convey to upload request users. 
  • Publish: Once finished, use the Publish button to create the link.


Once an upload request is created, share it from the subsequent share window after creation or select the Share action from the request's action menu

3 sharing-ur.png

  • Copy to clipboard: Copies the request's unique URL to your clipboard.
  • Email: Directly email any requests from the Share form by entering any number of email addresses.
  • Message: To include a customized message with the link in your email, enter it here before clicking Share.
  • Share: Sends the request as an email with any included message and closes the share window.

Managing upload requests

4 UR-management.png

  • Add a new request with the plus button.
  • Filter through existing request by title, folder, creator, or notification recipient by clicking on the magnifying glass
  • Display existing requests by Status. Enabled shows only currently enabled requests, Disabled shows inactive requests, and Any shows all requests regardless of status.
  • Each request displays each request's title, creation date, destination folder, creator, any notification recipients, its status, expiration date (if applicable), and an action menu. 
  • Four actions are available from an request's action menu: ShareEditDuplicate, and Delete.

Sharing an upload request

Selecting Share from a request's action menu allows you to copy the request URL or email the URL directly using the same share form shown while creating the original request.

Editing an upload request

You cannot change a request's creator. When a link's creator has been deleted the existing URL will no longer work and you will need to duplicate the request in order to preserve its settings. In this event, a Duplicate button will appear instead of Publish.

Click on an individual request in the table or use the Edit action to edit the request's Settings and Attributes.  

Link field will appear in the Settings tab when editing an existing link, displaying the request's URL. It cannot be edited but it can be copied using the clipboard icon. 

Duplicating an upload request

Duplicating a request immediately creates a new request with all Settings and Attributes of the original request and a number appended to the original title. Once the request is duplicated, any edits will only affect the new request. A new URL will be generated and must be shared to desired recipients.

Deleting an upload request

Delete deletes the request permanently. This cannot be undone.

Advanced settings

Property Description

If this value is true, the upload request feature is enabled and available as part of the Tools menu. If this property is false, this feature is disabled and all existing links will be inaccessible. This property is required.

Value options: true / false

Requires restart? No


If the upload request is shared via the Email link action, the email will be sent from the address listed in this property's value. If this property value is not set, the email will be sent from the address associated with the user account who initiated the Email link action will be used in the From field.

The property overrides both the above-listed email behaviors.

Value options: email address

Requires restart? No

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