Smart Labels

Using machine-learning AI, NetX can automatically analyze and apply relevant metadata to image assets.

This is a Labs feature! We couldn’t wait to get your feedback on it, so we are providing you early access, even though there is still room for improvement. Let us know your thoughts about this feature in the NetX Ideas Portal.

Enabling smart labels

If your site is hosted on-premise, please follow the instructions in AWS Setup for Smart Labels before attempting to enable this feature.

  1. Navigate to the Labs tab of the Systems area.
  2. Click the toggle on for the Smart labels feature. A success notification will appear at the foot of the window when the feature is enabled.
  3. Refresh your browser window for the change to take effect. If you do not refresh the window and navigate to an asset's detail page, you will receive an error. To disable smart labels, click the toggle off and refresh your browser window

Generating smart labels

  • Once smart labels are enabled they will not retroactively apply to existing assets until they are resyncedreimported, or versioned .
  • To regenerate smart labels once they have been removed or edited, you must reimport or version the asset. Resyncing an asset that has already had smart labels applied will not regenerate the original labels.
  • Assets uploaded using NetX I/O or CC Panel will also receive smart labels, but you will not be able to edit the labels using these apps.

Viewing smart labels

  1. After smart labels is enabled, upload a new asset or resync existing assets.
  2. Navigate to the new asset's detail page .
  3. Open preview mode using the Preview button. The generated smart labels will be under the Smart labels dropdown on the panel.

Editing smart labels

NetX automatically applies any generated labels over a confidence level of 80%, but additional AI-suggested labels can be applied or removed on a per-asset basis. Users with a level of Producer or above can edit smart labels.

Adding new labels

  1. Open the Details sidebar while viewing the preview of an image asset on its detail page
  2. Click into the Smart labels field. A dropdown of label suggestions will appear.
  3. Select any number of labels.
  4. Click Apply.

Removing labels

  1. Open the Details sidebar while viewing the preview of an image asset on its detail page
  2. Use a label's X icon to remove individual labels.
  3. Use the X icon that appears inside the label field to remove all labels.
  4. Click Apply
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