Upgrade Best Practices

We recommend that on-premise customers prepare for upgrades by following these best practices:

  1. Review Release Notes and Supported Platforms: Before upgrading, make sure you read the Release Notes and Supported Platforms articles to learn about changes that might affect your current environment. If you have a particular question about something you find in these articles, please create a support ticket and we can give you more details.
  2. Deploy to a test environment: We strongly recommend that you first deploy each upgrade to a test environment that is an exact mirror of production. If you host your own NetX, please see How to Create an On-Premise Test Environment in Windows or How to Create an On-Premise Test Environment in Linux for assistance on setting up a test environment.
  3. Create and execute a test plan: A test plan is a written script of steps that includes all of the common tasks and workflows that your users carry out on the system. By running through the test plan on your test environment before you upgrade, you can verify that the release successfully supports all of your workflows without issue.
  4. Verify server health: Before upgrading, have an experienced System Administrator check your server(s). Is disk space full? How does memory usage look?
  5. Perform a full backup : Always make sure you have a valid backup before upgrading your production site. For more information, see Backing Up NetX.
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