Visual Search

NetX's Visual Search module provides a quick and easy way for users to find images that are visually similar to each other or that contain a specific color. These results may be narrowed using search facets.

Visual Search is an add-on module. Please contact your account manager or for purchase inquiries.

Finding similar images

Using a specific image asset, right-click over its thumbnail from a gallery or the dashboard, then select Find assets like this. A search gallery will then display all image assets in descending order of similarity to the primary asset. You may also select the Find assets like this option from the action menu on an asset's detail page.

Visual analysis is based on asset proxy images, not the original asset file. The use of custom thumbnails or specific video and document thumbnails might cause unexpected search results.

Searching by color

  1. To begin a color search, click the search bar menu and select Color.
  2. The search bar will switch to color search mode. To choose a color, click the color wheel button or type a hex value into the input line.
  3. Hit enter on your keyboard to execute the search. The system will display all images in the system that contain that color, sorted by the amount of the color that is present in the image.

Using advanced search

NetX's advanced search tool can be used to perform a visual search in combination with other search criteria.

  1. To begin an advanced search, click the search bar menu and select Advanced.
  2. Click the drop-down menu for the search modifier and select Visual.
  3. In the next field, you'll choose what kind of visual search you want to perform. Choose Asset to find similar assets, or Color to search by color. If you've chosen Asset, in the next field, start typing to fill in a primary asset to base your similarity search on. If you've chosen Color, use the color picker in the next field or type in the hex code.
  4. Add other modifiers as desired, then click Search to execute the search.

Advanced configuration

The following properties are used to further configure the Visual Search feature:

Property Description

The value of this property determines the relevancy of your visual search results, as a percentage. The higher the number, the stricter the visual search, with a value of 100 returning only exact matches. The lower the number, the greater the spread of results, with a value of 0 returning all assets.

Values: 0-100

Requires restart? No

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