Asset Gallery

When browsing through folders, searches, or collections, the assets that are contained within those contexts will be displayed in a central viewing area, known as the gallery. For larger galleries, assets will load assets in chunks of 40 with a limit of 200 assets per page.

Gallery header

View options

There are four ways to display assets in the gallery. You can switch between these views using the icons along the upper right corner.

  • Tile view Displays asset thumbnails in a grid with no other information, and maximizes the amount of assets displayed in a viewable area. To use tile view, select the  icon. A size slider will not be available in tile view. 

  • Card view: Displays uniformly sized thumbnails along with a few pieces of custom attribute information. The information displayed depends on the type of file (image, video, document, etc) and the first attribute listed in the chosen attribute set. To expand or shrink the gallery thumbnails, use the slider which will appear in the gallery's header. To use card view, select the  icon.

  • Curator view: Displays uniformly sized thumbnails, similar to a card view. Unlike in card view, however, all attributes associated with the selected gallery's chosen attribute set will display with each thumbnail, including the name of the attribute. Instead of a smooth size slider, there will be three sizing options. To use curator view, select the  icon.

  • List view: Displays a list format that includes a small thumbnail along with the data associated with the chosen attribute set. To use list view, select the  icon. There will be no thumbnail slider in this view.

Attributes and attribute sets

Choosing an attribute set that contains a large amount of attributes can impact performance while viewing assets in list, curator, or card view.

CardCurator, and List views will display attribute data according to the attribute set you have selected in the header:

  • In Card view, only the first attribute in your chosen set will be displayed.
  • Curator and List views will display all attributes in the chosen set.

Note that if an attribute is empty, a No values message will display along with the attribute name. To organize your gallery, there will be an attribute dropdown which will reorder your gallery according to that attribute; to toggle between ascending and descending order, use the  icon which accompanies the attribute dropdown. 

Gallery actions

Some actions will be available to galleries as a whole, rather than through individual actions or a selection. These actions will include:

Note that while most gallery contexts will have all of these actions available from the header, search galleries will only present you the opportunity to save your search

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