The dashboard is the welcome screen for all users after logging into NetX; it displays configurable blocks of content known as pods. Pods contain shortcuts to assets or information and can be configured according to each user's preference. Return to the dashboard at any time by clicking the Home button.

Customizing the dashboard

  1. To customize the dashboard, click the pencil button in the upper-left corner of the window.
  2. In the side pane that appears, add or remove the pods which will be shown on your dashboard.
  3. Once you have customized your pods, hit Save. The  icon in each pod's header allows you to reorder the pod by dragging.

Saved search and collection pods

Saved searches and Collections require additional configuration:

  1. Click the menu  button on a collection or saved search pod, then select Edit selected items.
  2. Select the collections or saved searches you wish to add.
  3. Click View all to load pod assets into the gallery.

Using the dashboard

Each pod's assets are displayed in order of descending asset ID. To load the assets contained in a pod into the gallery, use the View all button at the bottom of each pod.

Managing dashboard options

The Most viewed pod is not filtered for permissions and could show users assets they don't have access to see. This pod can be excluded from the dashboard with the following property:

Property Description

If the value of this property is true, the Most viewed pod will be hidden from the Dashboard area. If the value of this property is false, this pod will be available from the Dashboard.

Value options: true / false

Requires restart? No

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