Searching Overview

NetX search is very robust and includes many options for finding assets and certain constituent files.

Keyword search

A simple text search that looks for matching assets across a variety of system and custom attributes. For more information regarding keyword searches and how to perform one, see Keyword Search

Advanced search

Build a more granular search using a variety of search types and criteria. For more information on advanced searching, see Advanced Search

Video clip search

Video clips are segments of larger video assets created by NetX users. These clips may have particular attributes and values which may be searched specifically, if this feature is enabled for your site. For more information regarding video clips, see Video Clips.

Visual search

If the visual search feature is enabled for your site, an additional search option will appear in the search dropdown along the header of your application. Visual searches allow you to search for assets that are similar to a specific asset, or by a common color. For more information regarding visual searches, see Visual Search.

Attribute history search

If attribute history is enabled for your site, you will be able to search for attribute changes via the search option which appears in the search dropdown along the header of your application. For more information regarding attribute history and history searches, see Attribute History.

Search facets

Quickly filter search results with search facets in the gallery. Facet options are customizable and include both system and custom attributes.

Document search

Index and search full text of common document types such as PDF, Word documents, and text files.

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