Introduction to NetX Onboarding

Welcome to NetX Onboarding!

During our time together, we'll discuss general DAM concepts, dig into your specific use cases, provide advice and best practices, and train you to configure and maintain your NetX instance. Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will tailor our proven implementation strategy to work with your team, resulting in a successful DAM launch.


The kickoff is an opportunity to introduce you to NetX's onboarding team and discuss your DAM requirements. We'll help you understand who your stakeholders are and who should be involved in the implementation project. You'll learn how to define your business requirements through user stories, then together we'll determine the best way to implement your unique workflows in NetX.

Ask us about our NetX DAM Stakeholder Survey — a helpful start to gathering information from your users.

Onboarding guide

Our online onboarding guide will help you translate your organization's requirements into the structure of your NetX instance. This guide is designed for your team to review the material at a pace that works for you. You'll meet with your Onboarding Specialist to discuss each topic you've learned and how it applies to your use cases. This flow allows your team to move through straightforward decisions faster while affording more time to dig into complex scenarios.

The guide is structured around four key configuration topics:

Folder Structure
Learn about taxonomy and folder structure to organize assets, manage access, and assist with browsing.

Metadata and Searching
Learn how metadata classifies assets, drives workflows, and provides a stellar search experience.

User Access
Learn about grouping users for access, authorizing system actions, and methods of authentication.

Workflows and Settings
Discover features, settings, and integrations that can help with your workflows.

Workshops and training sessions

After your team has reviewed each of the configuration topics, your Onboarding Specialist will facilitate workshops and configuration training sessions. We'll delve into the decisions made by your team and determine how best to implement your workflows in NetX. We'll also provide guidance on:

  • Configuring portals
  • Preparations for launching your DAM
  • Preparing your files and data for migration
  • Communicating the rollout to users
  • Workflow configuration testing
  • Managing your DAM post-onboarding

We believe that ownership and governance of any system are critical. We provide extensive admin-level training on system configuration and general DAM best practices. This in-depth familiarity equips your team to manage the system, integrate new workflows, facilitate training, and support end-users.

After onboarding

We're here to ensure the success of your implementation, now and into the future. The NetX Onboarding team works closely with your Account Manager throughout the onboarding project. At the end of onboarding, we transfer our knowledge of your implementation to the NetX Support Team, ensuring a smooth transition for your team.

Professional services

Alongside the onboarding program, your organization may want to extend functionality or integrate NetX with other systems. Your NetX Account Manager will liaise with respective technical teams to ensure the smooth implementation of professional services projects, such as:

    • LDAP or SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Custom hostnames
    • Data migration from a previous DAMS
    • Custom storage or archiving solutions
    • Database sync tools (Collections Management Systems)
    • Integrations

The importance of a DAM Administrator

We honestly can't say this enough — a dedicated DAM Administrator is paramount to the success of your new implementation. Your organization needs to identify someone to be the application expert and administrator (along with at least one backup admin).

During the onboarding project, your NetX Admins should attend all sessions. They're also in charge of configuring the application, completing workflow testing, and mobilizing all business units to successfully launch the new system. Ongoing DAM Admin duties include:

  • Configuring the NetX application
  • Monitoring statistics and evaluating ROI
  • Providing help and support to end-users
  • Communicating with the NetX team
  • Managing users and asset lifecycles
  • Advocating for sustained user adoption
  • Curating content
  • Taking ownership of the DAM

While the DAM Administrators manage the day-to-day operations of NetX, customers with self-hosted installations will also need skilled IT staff to manage the on-premise infrastructure that supports the application.

Get Inspired!

Learn how other organizations successfully implemented NetX to solve their digital asset management challenges: NetX Digital Asset Management Case Studies

Ready to jump in? Start with your Folder Structure.

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