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API documentation is available here: developer.netx.net

If you find a bug in any of the NetX web services, please contact support. However, anything beyond bug reports are not covered under standard Support. Instead, if you have questions about the APIs — best practices, how to achieve a specific result, or any other assistance — you must purchase consulting hours as a Professional Service. Please contact sales@netx.net for further details.

Troubleshooting API calls

If you run into an issue, we recommend using NetX's UI to help figure out what you might be doing wrong (or whether the issue is a bug).

First, you will want to replicate the actions you are attempting to perform in a separate series of web service calls within the existing NetX UI. Navigate to the section of the app that performs the action you are intending to automate elsewhere. Then, you will want to capture the raw requests and responses generated from the UI (see the next step below).


Capture the raw requests and responses


There are a number of ways to capture the requests and responses. The most straight-forward way is to enable JSON/RPC logging. When enabled, all requests and responses are dumped to the jsonRpcCall.log. These can be obtained through the UI via the System area, then the Logs tab. See Retrieving Logs for more information.

Other tools and capture methods 

  • For JSON/RPC the easiest capture method is to use Chrome, and launch the built-in Developer Tools; there, you will see a "Network" tab which will capture and display all requests and responses. Use this to capture requests and responses from the UI.
  • If you're on a Mac, the Charles HTTP proxy tool will capture all HTTP traffic.

Compare requests and responses

Once you have the raw requests and response — both from the NetX UI and from your custom web service call(s) — please compare those for differences. Obviously, if you get an error within the NetX UI, then you should report that bug through Support. If you get an error with your custom implementation, and not via the NetX UI, then figure out what is different between the requests (and/or contexts of the calls), and then fix that discrepancy. 

Reporting an error

If you think you have discovered a bug in the API, please first follow the troubleshooting steps listed above. If you still think there is a bug, then please provide as much detail as possible. Any API ticket filed with Support should provide all of the following:

  1. Raw request and response of the call (or series of calls) — this applies to JSON/RPC, and File Retrieval API issues. Please capture the input (requests) and the output (responses). You can obtain these from NetX log files, if they are enabled (for JSON/RPC, there's the jsonRpcCall.log). You can also capture these using a variety of available developer tools (including: Postman, Chrome Developer Tools, Charles, and many others). Please do not provide your own implementation code as a replacement for this.
  2. Exogen.log file (in DEBUG mode) that covers the time that the raw requests/responses were executed.
  3. A description of the expected behavior, and an explanation of why you think the actual behavior is incorrect.


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