Adobe CC Panel 4 Release Notes

CC Panel 4.4.0

May 6, 2021

What's new

  • Added logging for check-ins


  • Asset action icons are now centered in 2021 apps.
  • Fixed an issue where the panel would freeze during loading.
  • Fixed an Illustrator relinking error.
  • Fixed an issue where mandatory attributes weren't being enforced during upload.
  • Fixed issue where saving a search cleared all other favorites out.
  • Fixed issue where the checkouts view was taking precedence once loaded.
  • Selection uploads are now properly paging and loading.
  • Fixed a styling issue affecting attribute name legibility.
  • Fixed an issue with the mandatory attribute pod display.
  • Certain punctuation no longer causes attribute edits to fail.
  • Changing log level no longer affects attribute count.
  • Loading indicators are no longer missing in some lists.


  • Deprecated "Make public" toggle
  • Removed the option to save a Saved Search.

CC Panel 4.3.28

May 3, 2021


  • Fixed issue preventing the creation of config and log files with CC2021 applications.

CC Panel 4.3.27

March 3, 2021


  • Fixed issue that prevented the placing of changed assets.

CC Panel 4.3.26

June 16, 2020


  • Fixed facet issue that prevented the select button from being clicked.

CC Panel 4.3.25

June 9, 2020

What's new

CC Panel 4.3.24

April 23, 2020


  • Fixed bug where checked-out by user label was incorrect.

CC Panel 4.3.23

April 23, 2020


  • Cache paths are now loaded dynamically, allowing a cache folder change without restarting.

CC Panel 4.3.22

April 20, 2020


  • Fixed issue where linked assets were downloading in Illustrator for non-Illustrator files.

CC Panel 4.3.21

April 17, 2020


  • Fixed issue where linked assets could not be checked in when checked out by the user.

CC Panel 4.3.20

April 10, 2020

What's new

  • Managers and above can now change filenames.

CC Panel 4.3.18

April 9, 2020

What's new

  • Upload and check in compatibility with NetX 9 and 8.12.
  • When opening or placing an asset, CC panel will use the locally cached version if it's checked out by the user.
  • SAML iframe login is larger to accommodate non-collapsing SAML HTML endpoints.


  • Importers can no longer upload to the panel.
  • The checkouts view now scrolls.
  • "No files open" is no longer clickable in the Select Open Documents drop-down menu.
  • Updated the selection uploader documentation link.
  • Fixed broken translations.
  • The panel only records place stats when an asset is placed.
  • Folders, searches and saved searches, and collections now reopen to the appropriate deep link along with the gallery.
  • Place gun now only allows supported filetypes: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, psd, ai, gif, png, eps, pdf, svg.
  • The asset size slider now functions properly in CC 2020 apps.
  • The panel no longer links non-placed assets left in the place gun.
  • The asset detail save button now disables after submitting changes.
  • Drop-down menus are now properly closing when you navigate to a new page.
  • Fixed drop-down styling issue in the preferences tab.
  • Director level users can no longer cancel other users' checkouts
  • Fixed an issue that was resetting the gallery scrolling position.
  • Fixed an issue that caused selection uploading to fail.
  • Users are now properly routed when exiting asset detail.

CC Panel 4.2.2

March 28, 2019


  • Stats are properly recorded for placing of assets in InDesign and Illustrator.

CC Panel 4.2.1

March 5, 2019

What's new

  • Updated rest URLs to modern form.
  • Added logging for file piping.
  • Connections to ssl servers with self-signed certificates are now supported.

CC Panel 4.2.0

October 4, 2018

What's new

  • Compatibility with NetX 8.12


  • Fixed: X icon for attributes details doesn't close the attribute panel.
  • Fixed: No pagination in the panel.
  • Fixed: Next page/previous page messed up in gallery paging.
  • Fixed: Assets not showing when going from multi-page directory to one page directory.

CC Panel 4.1.0

June 19 2018

What's new

  • InDesign CloudLink users can now shift-click while placing to replace a selected link.
  • Checkout information at the top of the asset detail sidebar helps inform users that they cannot download an asset while it is checked out.


  • Fixed: Shift+click doesn't work when using InDesign CloudLink.
  • Fixed: Upload progress doesn't activate when checking in large files.
  • Fixed: Receiving error when opening .indd files using InDesign CloudLink.
  • Fixed: CC 2017 style bugs.

CC Panel 4.0.0

April 12, 2018

What's new

  • A new look that blends in with the Creative Cloud visual theme.
  • Search facets are now available in the gallery, and the new facet filter mode is supported.
  • The new place gun feature allows rapid queuing and placing of assets.
  • Check-in messaging and workflow has been improved.
  • Attribute sets have been implemented. The preferences page now has an attribute set selector, and the selected set shows up on the asset detail sidebar page.  The preferences page also has a selector to choose the number of attributes from this set to show on each asset list item.
  • Mandatory attributes have been implemented.  Upload, checkin, and asset detail will enforce any required attributes.
  • Logging has been upgraded, and the preferences page has a log level selector. Turning off the log can improve performance in some cases.
  • A config file has been implemented.  All settings are now saved separately from the extension and carry over between Adobe app upgrades.
  • Shared collections now appear in the collections list.
  • Notifications have moved to the bottom right, out of the way. They also contain a loading indicator that tracks file operations and server-side processing. Individual notifications can also update within a single alert, instead of multiple alerts.
  • When you navigate folders then proceed to the upload form, the category you were last on is auto-selected in the folder select tree.
  • Upload has been refactored; the folder select tree and file management have been improved. 
  • A refresh button has been added to get currently open documents; this is mainly for Illustrator, it does not notify the Panel that a document has been saved.
  • Login messaging now gives more useful information about connection and login failures.
  • User levels are stricter for various actions.
  • Cached files are replaced by their NetX counterparts when opening, placing or checking out, but only if their file sizes do not match.


  • Fixed: Upload folder is not visually checked when coming back to upload view.

  • Fixed: Various upload navigation problems.

  • Fixed: Attribute fields and values not displaying correctly in v.3.1.7.

  • Fixed: Cannot upload open files if session begins with no valid indd files already open

  • Fixed: Shared collections don't appear in the panel.
  • Fixed: Cannot drag resize in InDesign.
  • Fixed: Place option causes assets to be greyed out until page is revisited.
  • Fixed: Invalid URL does not give "can't connect to NetX" message in CC panel.
  • Fixed: Cannot change file cache.
  • Fixed: Multi-select edit issues.
  • Fixed: Header does not change to reflect current search.
  • Fixed: Illustrator opens assets with inconsistent sizing.
  • Fixed: Uploaded/Checked In assets don't appear in NetX (Illustrator only).
  • Fixed: Need to start new session to remove checked-in items from check-out screen.
  • Fixed: Performance slows down considerably over time placing assets.
  • Fixed: Thumbnails not updating in Panel.
  • Fixed: Multiple indd uploads do not complete.
  • Fixed: Adobe CC 2018 removing cached information in NetX CC Panel.
  • Fixed: Upload window is not scrollable.
  • Fixed: Special characters not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: When attempting to upload a document into a child folder, the > arrows become inaccessible if the sidebar is shrunk to its narrowest point.
  • Fixed: User levels without ability to upload a selection shouldn't see the option.
  • Fixed: Users below Producer shouldn't be able to edit Attribute data, but in the Panel they can type/change all Attribute types.
  • Fixed: Browser-level users are given the ability to "place" assets in the UI, but when the place action happens you get some html where an asset should be.
  • Fixed: Producer level users have check out powers, need admin intervention to check back in/cancel.
  • Fixed: Browser level users can check out assets.
  • Fixed: Various check-in issues.
  • Fixed: Large previews obscure the X button to exit the preview.
  • Fixed: Can only select one multi-select value in the Panel.
  • Fixed: Unsaved template documents breaking asset placement.
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