Launching your DAM

When your site is configured and the initial import complete, it's time to test, train, and roll out to your end-users.

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In this final phase of onboarding, we'll guide you through validating your system configuration and training your end-users. Let's get ready to launch this thing!

5 things to know about launching NetX

Launch readiness depends on methodical testing.
Be thorough in your system validation. Have a small group of admins and power users test key workflows and configurations before launching the system to a wider audience. Any issues identified during testing will be reviewed by your Onboarding Specialist and escalated as necessary. 
Train-the-trainer sessions teach NetX Admins to train end-users.
Work with your onboarding specialist to identify essential use cases for different user groups or user levels and develop a training plan that suits your requirements.
Stellar documentation helps your NetX admins manage the system and support end-users.
Develop custom help materials and training guides that are tailored to your content and workflows. Create a DAM Admin Guide to record all of your digital asset workflows, including those that happen before or after NetX. Save your onboarding worksheets that detail your organization’s user stories, configurations, and workflows, and note the reasoning behind key decisions for future reference.
Organizational change management takes planning and effort.
Optimize for early user adoption to maximize ROI and reassure leadership. Determine how your business processes will change with NetX, identify who is impacted, and plan how to communicate these changes. Change management is an ongoing process — review the success of your implementation in three months, six months, and one year from now.
Make a rollout plan for communicating the system launch to your users.
Designate DAM champions at all levels of your organization to encourage early adoption. Build excitement through a series of pre-launch emails, announcements on your intranet, printed posters, or plan a launch party!

Best practices

Launch softly.
Think about a soft launch with a small group of internal folks to iron out any wrinkles before rolling out to the organization at large. Gather as much feedback as you can and, if necessary, make adjustments to workflows and refine your training approach.

Give your system its own identity or brand to develop rapport with users and encourage user adoption from the get-go (e.g. "The Vault", "DAMbank", "Media Library", etc.). Provide the best possible user experience and let your users know how the new system will benefit them.

Help your users get started with new workflows so they give up their old ways. Provide lunch and learn sessions, recurring webinars, handbooks for new employees, ad hoc Q&A sessions, etc. Make your User Guides or Help FAQs available as downloadable assets in NetX or add a Help content page in your portal. 

Keep users up to date on new content, configuration changes, bug fixes, and encourage feedback. Involve your users in workflow improvements.

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