NetX SaaS Data Retention Policy

NetX's standard SaaS offering employs several layers of protection to ensure data retention and application security in the event of a disaster or system malfunction. NetX runs a nightly job that mirrors asset changes to a geographically distinct remote storage location. NetX attempts to maintain a copy of the current asset state within a window of 24 hours. NetX also maintains a copy of assets in the remote storage location even if they have since been deleted from the system. Additionally, NetX maintains multiple copies of a customer's assets in our data center for added resiliency.

The following critical components are archived to remote storage:

  • Original asset files
  • Database (SQL dump file)
  • Main configuration files (files in /netx/config, /solr/netx/config, and optionally other files)

Data that is not included in the archive service:

  • Proxy and ancillary files
  • Custom code or third-party integration configurations.

Terms and Conditions

  • Large volume batch imports may cause data parity between the primary and remote storage mirror to decrease beyond a 24 hour period.
  • The standard service that is included with all SaaS subscriptions is intended for use by NetX sysadmins to provide application recovery during catastrophic events. These data are not externally accessible by customers.
  • Customers that require data restoration due to end-user fault will be billed for time and materials, including all Amazon Web Services data retrieval fees. 
  • Recovery time for retrieval varies based on amount of data stored, and large restorations could require weeks before completion.
  • During a recovery operation, non-critical fixes and enhancement requests are not supported. Customer will be solely responsible for issues arising from third party software and customizations to NetX programs and services.

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