Supported Transcoding Engines

NetX requires third-party software (transcoding engines) in order to process media files such as images, video, audio, and documents. These engines are responsible for generating thumbnails, previews, zooms, pages, as well as repurposing functionality and embedded metadata extraction. This article is only applicable to on-premise installations. If you are a SaaS customer, the engines below are automatically installed and configured optimally.

Even though many of these tools have a list of supported file extensions, that does not mean that NetX has the ability to transcode all of the file types listed. A list of available file conversions for popular formats can be found here: Supported File Formats.

Required engines

The following engines are required for basic, out-of-the-box functionality such as the ability to render image, video, and audio formats and read/write embedded metadata.

Engine Description
Open Office

OpenOffice reads a wide variety of file formats, with particular attention to those from Microsoft Office.

Supported version - Linux: 4.1

Supported version - Windows: 4.1

Additional information:

Installation guides: OpenOffice Installation Guide


ExifTool is used to read, write, and edit metadata embedded in assets.

Supported version - Linux: 10.20

Supported version - Windows: 10.20

Additional information:

Installation guides: ExifTool is bundled with NetX and does not require separate installation.


DCRaw is a reader for Digital Camera Raw images.

Supported version - Linux: 9.21

Supported version - Windows: 9.21

Additional information:



FFmpeg is used to analyze and process audio and video files. FFprobe is used to extract metadata from audio and video files.

Supported version - Linux: 4.2.1

Supported version - Windows: 4.2.1

Additional information:

Installation guide: FFmpeg Installation Guide


ImageMagick is used to process image files.

Supported version - Linux: 6.9.9 Q16 x64 static

Supported version - Windows: 6.9.9 Q16 x64 static

Additional information:

Installation guides: ImageMagick Guide


Ghostscript is used for the display of PDF documents.

Supported version - Linux: 9.55

Supported version - Windows: 9.55

Additional information:

Installation guides: GhostScript Installation Guide

Optional engines

These engines are optional, depending on the modules or features you wish to use in NetX.

Engine Description

InDesign server

NetX can integrate with InDesign to support custom PDF templates, rendering of InDesign files, and support for Ad Builder publishing.

Supported version - Linux: N/A

Supported version - Windows: InDesign CC Server 2019*

Additional information:

*Adobe releases a new version of InDesign Server shortly after every Creative Cloud release. If your solution requires that InDesign files be compatible between Creative Cloud InDesign and InDesign Server, we recommend that customers first determine what version of Creative Cloud InDesign they are using or will be using in this workflow.

Version numbers of InDesign Server and Creative Cloud InDesign should match for optimum compatibility. 

Installation guide: Adobe InDesign Server Installation Guide

Telestream Vantage

Vantage is used for advanced video transcoding and workflow automation.

Supported version - Linux: N/A 

Supported version - Windows:6.3 is supported in NetX, but no longer supported by Telestream. Version 7 is currently supported by both NetX and the vendor.

Additional information:

Installation guides: Telestream Vantage Installation Guide


Mediarich delivers fast image zooms.

Supported version - Linux: N/A

Supported version - Windows: 4.0

Additional information:

Mediarich is not supported for SaaS customers.

Installation guides: Equilibrium MediaRich Installation Guide



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