Log Files

NetX provides a lot of logging facilities. Many log files record events that are specific to a particular module; whereas the exogen.log is the main NetX application log. 

Log file Description
autotask.log Events associated with the AutoTask system.

catalina.out (unix)

stderr and stdout (windows)

Main Apache Tomcat log; shows all standard console information, and Tomcat errors.
email.log Records all outbound emails from NetX, including any failures.
exogen.log Main application event log.
jobs.log Records all jobs, both start and end events.
jsonRcpCall.log Records all JSON/RPC calls. This must be explicitly enabled.
manager.YYYY-MM-DD.log Log generated by Tomcat; used by the Apache Tomcat Manager.
objectAudit.log Records specific high-level object actions; useful for auditing user error.
phoenix.log Records events within the main transcoding/routing system (aka "Phoenix").
searchEngine.log Records all search queries sent to Solr.
security.log Records logins, logouts, and timeouts.
solr.log Logs generating from the Apache Solr server.
sso.log Records events related to SSO actions.
syncClient.log Records events related to the NetX I/O module.
tomcat-access.YYYY-MM-DD.txt Logs generated by Tomcat, recording HTTP requests.
upload.YYYY-MM-DD.log Records all file upload activity.
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