Log Level

By default, NetX will log various INFO, WARN, and ERROR entries to the exogen.log file (see related article) which is the main application log file. However, in working with NetX Support, you may be requested to increase the logging to include DEBUG level log entries. 

Here are the available log levels and their property value equivalents:

Level Numeric value Description
TRACE 0 NetX internal use only (developer notes); not recommended.
DEBUG 1 Very verbose logging. This is usually not a recommended log level for production systems. However, if instructed to change your log level to DEBUG, this can produce very useful logging for troubleshooting support issues.
INFO 2 Basic events are logged at this level.
SYSTEM 3 Deprecated log level.
WARNING 4 Noteworthy events; however, these are not errors.
SUCCESS 5 Deprecated log level.
NOTIFY 6 These are events that are deemed worthy of emailing to an Administrator.
ERROR 7 An application error occurred; if you see an entry of this level, please send to NetX Support.
FATAL 8  Catastrophic failure; NetX will shut down.

You can change the running log level of your NetX instance by navigating to the Systems area (only available to administrator-level users) and then to the Properties tab. There, edit the log.log_level property value; this property does not require a restart.

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