Java Not Available to Tomcat


1. NetX shows the following error when trying to start Tomcat service

Error: Could not complete the operation: defpackagemng failed: Incorrect function. (Error code 1) at Start service tomcat7

2. Event Viewer contains the following record:

The Apache Tomcat 7.0 Tomcat7 service terminated with service-specific error Incorrect function.

3 Apache Tomcat log file at 

C:\Program Files\NetX\logs\commons-daemon.xxxx-xx-xx.log 

contains the following record:

[info]  [11960] Starting service...
[error] [11960] Failed creating java C:\Program Files\Java\jreX\bin\server\jvm.dll
[error] [11960] The system cannot find the path specified.


Java is not available to Tomcat, and therefore Tomcat/NetX will not start. If you've recently upgraded Java, you may need to edit the path to the JVM that Tomcat is using.


  1. Open the Tomcat Manager app. The default location is:
    C:\Program Files\NetXposure\bin\netxw.exe
  2. Click the Java tab, and then check the box Use default. This should point Tomcat to the updated path.

  3. Click OK to save changes and try to start the NetX service again. If it still can't find java, you can manually edit the JVM path to reflect the correct location for the jvm.dll file.
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