Adobe InDesign Server Installation Guide

This guide will walk an admin through the process of installing Adobe InDesign Server. This guide is written for InDesign CC, for other versions please consult Adobe's documentation.

Install InDesign Server CC

  1. Install .Net framework 4.x (using add roles and features wizard in Server Manager)

  2. Download the .exe and .7z files from Adobe. Make sure they are downloaded to the same folder.
  3. Launch the installer and pick a folder to extract to:

  4. After extracting, launch the application:

  5. Choose install:

  6. At this point, an Adobe ID account is required. Enter username and password. This is the account that will be associated with the licensed product.
  7. Enter your serial number for the product.
  8. After signing in and reading the EULA, choose the install location (defaults are fine for most purposes).

  9. The installer will run and complete the process.
  10. Verify that InDesign Server is installed as a service by opening services.msc and checking for "InDesignServerService"
  11. Modify settings on the service. Enable automatic startup.

  12. Start the service.
  13. Navigate to the Adobe folder from a command line (this must be an Administrator command line- choose "Run as administrator"). Install the MMC snap-in using the regsvr32 command after switching to the InDesign Server directory.

    cd c:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC Server 2015
    regsvr32 InDesignServerMMC64.dll

  14. Open MMC (Microsoft Management Console).  Click  Start  , click in the  Start Search  text box, type  mmc  , and then press  ENTER  .
  15. Click on file -> add/remove snap-in.
  16. Add the InDesign Server snap-in

  17. Right-click on the service and choose "New IndesignServer Instance" - (Note: if your license supports multiple threads, this is where more instances can be allocated, follow the same process for each instance).

  18. Edit the properties for the new instance and add a new port (default is 12345) 

  19. Exit (no need to save the MMC console)
  20. Restart the InDesign Server service.
  21. Check indesign from a web browser by navigating to the server:12345?wsdl

  22. Once this is verified, the server setup is complete!

Configuring NetX to Work with InDesign Server

At this point, you will need to configure a few properties in NetX to enable integration between the two platforms. See Integrate Adobe InDesign Server with NetX for instructions on how to do this.


If you are having trouble after installation and the service is not starting, it may be that for some reason the product was not properly activated: (if you are on different version, locate the exact release notes for your version, if you input the wrong LEID, the process will fail silently) Download the licensing tool from here, unzip, navigate to the folder where the tool is unzipped, and run the following command:

adobe_prtk --tool=Serialize --leid=V7{}InDesignServer-11-Win-GM --serial=<serialNumber> --adobeid=<email>

to activate  a trial version (sometimes it helps to do this First to clear out any issues related to activating the trial)

Adobe_prtk - -tool=StartTrial - -leid=V7{}InDesignServer-11-Win-GM
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