Configuring Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier can be set up as a storage location to enable archiving of assets in NetX. For more on how this feature works, see Archiving Assets with Amazon Glacier.

Before you begin

The following information is required to configure Amazon Glacier as a storage location.


Amazon Glacier can be configured using the NetX properties listed below. Once Amazon Glacier storage is added to your instance, storage location management can be found via the Storage tab of the Systems area.

Property Values Description Requires restart?
true / false If the value of this property is true, Glacier storage is enabled. If the value of this property is false, Amazon Glacier will not be available as a storage option and assets will not be eligible for archive. Note that this property alone is not sufficient to set up an Amazon Glacier storage location; the properties which configure the access keysecret keyvault name, and region are also required.  Yes

Amazon-generated access key

The value of this property must use the access key generated for your AWS account Yes

Amazon-generated secret key

The value of this property must be the secret key generated for your AWS account Yes
Name of your Glacier vault The value of this property must be the name of your Glacier vault Yes
Region code The value of this property should correspond to the regional location of the archive, e.g. us-west-2 (United States, Oregon).  Yes
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