System Attribute Sets

Administrators can create curated sets of attributes to display while viewing assets in gallery, asset detail, and attribute editing contexts. Unlike user attribute sets, system attribute sets are available to all users.

  • Attribute visibility in a set can be affected by minimum user level or attribute permissions. System attributes will always be visible to all users.
  • System attributes in a system attribute set will be visible when viewing the set in gallery contexts, but not attribute editing contexts. 

Creating a system set

  1. Navigate to the Attribute sets tab in the Systems area. 
  2. Click the upper-left plus icon to begin creating a new set.
  3. Give the set a name.
  4. Click into the Add attribute field to begin adding attributes. Select attributes via the drop-down list, or type the name of the attribute into the filter field to quickly narrow your results. As attributes are added, they will be added to the bottom of the attribute list.
  5. To customize the order of your set,use the drag icon to drag an attribute to its desired place. The order shown in the set is respected in all gallery, asset detail, and attribute editing contexts. The topmost attribute will appear first, and is the single visible attribute shown in card view
  6. Remove unwanted attribute fields with the Xbutton; to remove all attributes use the button inside the Selected pill tag.
  7. Click Save to create the set.
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