Customizing the NetX Color Scheme

Color palettes are used to customize the color of various elements in the UI such as buttons, icons, text, and hover/selection backgrounds. Color schemes may be unique between light and dark themes, or identical.

Customizing the color palette

  1. To customize the UI color palette, log in to NetX as a Director or Administrator and navigate to System > Brand.
  2. On the Colors tab, you will see Color palettes for both light and dark theme modes. To choose new colors, enter a new hex code value or click the color circle to visually select a new color using the color picker tool.
  3. Once your new colors have been chosen, click Save to apply them to the NetX UI.

Resetting a color palette

To reset your color palette back to the default colors, click the Reset button in the top right corner of the SystemBrand > Colors tab.

Resetting the Colors tab will not only reset the color palette but will also reset all custom logos  as well.

Color palette key

Here is a basic list of which UI elements can be changed using a color palette:

Property Description
On secondary color
  • Text that appears on active color elements
  • Icons that appear on active color elements
Primary color
  • Most buttons
  • Sidebar icon hover color
  • Modal title bars
  • Selection bar
  • Main menu selection icon and background color
  • Select and download button hover color
  • Placeholder thumbnail images
On primary color
  • Text that appears on primary color elements
  • Icons that appear on primary color elements
Secondary color
  • Floating action button
  • Selected sidebar icon
  • Checkboxes and checkmark icons
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