Adding a Custom Logo

By default, the NetX logo is displayed on the login screen, the main application window, and in system emails. A custom logo can be uploaded in its place to reflect your organization's brand. You can choose separate logo versions for dark or light themes, or use the same logo for both; the light theme logo will be shown in all system emails.

Maximum logo file size: 600kb

Recommended image size: 300px by 35px

  1. To add a custom logo, login in as a Director or Administrator and navigate to System > Brand. Note that you may add unique logos to apply to your light and dark themes. 
  2. On the Colors tab, scroll down until you see the logo area. Click Select logo to browse for a new logo file on your computer. Once you have located the logo you wish to use, click Open.
  3. Your logo will now appear in both the application header and the login screen. If you want to replace the logo, follow the same steps. 

To reset all custom logos to the default NetX logo, click the Reset button in the top right corner of the SystemBrand > Colors tab.

Resetting the Colors tab will not only reset all logos but will also reset any custom color palettes as well.

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