Watermarking via Repurposing

Asset downloads can be destructively watermarked manually via the repurpose action, or by using a repurpose preset.

Manual repurposing

While performing a repurpose action on an individual image asset, certain manual operations can be performed and applied. One of these manual operations applies a watermark to the asset. 

  1. Choose the Repurpose action on a single image asset.
  2. Click Adjustments or Crop; the watermarking operation is accessible in both editing modes.
  3. Select Watermark from the Operations dropdown. The watermark editor will appear.
  4. Choose an image from the righthand gallery. If there are no images available, or if the image you want is missing from this side bar, check your property configuration
  5. Select the placement of your watermark using the 3x3 grid overlaying the image.
  6. Hit Apply; you will be taken back to the main repurpose window.


An administrator can create a repurpose preset for users to apply to their downloaded and shared assets. These presets can include a watermark with a pre-assigned image and position. For more information regarding preset management, see Managing Repurpose Presets.

Advanced settings

Property Description

The value of this property corresponds to a folder ID. The contents of this folder should contain all of the watermark images your users may need to apply during a manual repurpose action. To find a folder's identification number, check the folder ID field of the folder properties window while managing folders

Value options: Folder ID number

Requires restart? No

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