Non-destructive Watermarking

Assign a non-destructive visual watermark to asset thumbnails, views, and zooms throughout NetX. This watermark does not affect the original asset and will not be applied when downloading assets or their derivative files.

Applying a watermark

Your watermark file must already exist in NetX, be in .png format, and have a pre-set opacity setting as it can't be changed once uploaded to the application.

  1. Click the Systems button found along the lefthand navigational sidebar of the application. Click Brand, then click the Images tab.
  2. Enter the file name of the new watermark into the Asset input line. A dropdown of matching assets will populate as you type; once the right asset appears in the dropdown, select it. A preview of the watermark will appear under the input line.
  3. If needed, remove the watermark with the new Reset button. 

Once an asset is chosen, its effect will take place immediately without requiring a refresh or restart of the application. Your new watermark will overlay across all assets in all contexts of the application including:

  • Thumbnails in the gallery and detail pages.
  • Previews seen in certain gallery views and detail pages.
  • Video playback previews.
  • While viewing an asset's zoom view on its detail page.
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