Enabling Self-Registration

NetX can be configured to allow users to self-register a user account. Two methods of self-registration are available:

  • Automatic: users create their own account and gain immediate access.
  • Approved: users create an account that requires approval before access is granted.

The properties below are used to configure these methods, along with additional options as desired.

This article covers user self-registration in the NetX user account system. If your site is using an alternate authentication method, such as SAML or LDAP, this process will not create a new user account in those systems.

Basic configuration

Property Description

If the value of this property is true, self-registration is enabled. If the value of this property is false, users will not be able to create their own account. 

Value options: true / false

Requires restart? No


If the value of this property is true, users will be able to create their own account and immediately log in to the application without approval by an administrator. If the value of this property is false, administrators will need to approve each self-registered account. 

Value options: true / false

Requires restart? No


The value of this property should correspond to the email address of an administrator or director-level user. This user will receive all new account registration notifications, though any administrator or director-level user can adjust an account's user level.

Note: director-level users cannot promote new users to an administrator user level.

Value options: true / false

Requires restart? No


If this property is true, users who self-register will receive a confirmation email. If automatic login is enabled, the email will say Account has been created. If administrator review is required, the email will say Your account is pending approval.

Value options: true / false

Requires restart? No

Advanced settings

Property Description

The value of this property should correspond to the numeric equivalent of a user level. If automatic self-registration is enabled, all users created via self-registration will have access to NetX with all the privileges and restrictions of their assigned user level. If this property is not set, the default user level will be consumer (2).

Value options: User level number

Requires restart? No


The value of this property should be existing NetX group names. Any self-registered user will automatically be added to the group(s) named in this property, and they will receive any permissions already applied to those groups. To add multiple groups as a value, separate each group name with a comma and no spaces between these comma separators.

Value options: Group name(s)

Requires restart? No

User notification

If self-registered users require approval, the following AutoTask example will automatically alert new users once their account has been upgraded from the default No access user level:

  • matchCriteria: If the matchCriteria type is or, an email will be sent to the affected user when any user's level is changed. If the matchCriteria type is and, an email will only be sent if all criteria are met, e.g. a userLevelChange for a specific user level such as a consumer (2).
  • criteria: The criteria that triggers the AutoTask. This criteria may be built upon; in this example, the first criterion userLevelChange indicates that the first trigger is a change to a user's user level. The following criteria specify the notification will only be sent if a user's type (level) is changed to the specified numerical user level equivalent; here the task is triggered if a user's level is changed to any user level.
  • emailTemplate: Specifies the email template that will be sent when the notification is triggered. In this case, the email will indicate to the new user that their account has been approved. 
	<task id="Notify new users" name="Account Approval Email">
		<matchCriteria type="or">
			<criteria type="action" value="userLevelChange"></criteria>
			<criteria level="1" type="user"></criteria>
			<criteria level="2" type="user"></criteria>
			<criteria level="3" type="user"></criteria>
			<criteria level="4" type="user"></criteria>
			<criteria level="7" type="user"></criteria>
			<criteria level="8" type="user"></criteria>
			<criteria level="9" type="user"></criteria>
			<notify emailTemplate="newUser.tpl" type="email" user="self"></notify>

With this AutoTask, any user level change will trigger this notification email, even if the affected user is not new to the site. 

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