Date-based Event Trigger

Once a day, NetX will run any date-based AutoTask. This allows you to create workflows based on date-type metadata. Any date field can be used — custom date attributes, import date, creation date, or modification date.

In the example below, the date-based event occurs once per day, at the time specified by the sys.scheduleDailyRunHour and sys.scheduleDailyRunTimeOffset properties:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<task name="Import date notification">
		 <matchCriteria type="and">
			 <criteria type="action" value="date" name="importDate" offset="6d" />
			 <criteria type="category" path="/Stuff" recursive="true"/>
			<notify type="systemErr"/>

Date fields

The action type is date. The name defines the date field. These are the built-in date fields:

  • creationDate
  • importDate
  • modDate

You can also use any custom date attribute by name as well.

Date offset

There is also an "offset" parameter; this allows you to provide a relative offset to the date matching. In this case, the example above will match all assets that were imported 6 days ago, up to today. Without an offset parameter, assets with the specified date field matching the current day are matched.

Offset notations are listed below:

Notation Description
w Week designation
d Day designation

By default, the offset is subtracted from the current date. In the example above, 6d subtracts 6 days from the current date, and match all assets where the importDate is somewhere between 6 days past and the current day. The plus sign (+) is implicit but may still be used in the value, e.g.+6d

To specify a range in the future (i.e. from today to 30 days in the future) you would use a minus sign e.g. -30d.

y Year designation
M Month designation

Furthermore, these can be combined:

  • You must add them in order of their magnitude: year before month, month before week, week before day, etc.
  • Offset qualifiers must be separated from each other by spaces.

For example (1 year, 3 months, 2 days):

1y 3M 2d

Note that by setting an offset, the date range matched by a task will be longer than one day, which may result in the task being executed more than one day in a row for a particular asset.

Additional match criteria

You can combine this event trigger with other match criteria. The example above combines the date match and filters the results based on a category.


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