JDK - Java Development Kit

The JDK (Java Development Kit) consists of a runtime environment that "sits on top" of the operating system layer as well as tools and programming that developers need to compile, debug, and run applets and applications written in the Java language. NetX requires the JDK to be installed before it can run.

How to download and install OpenJDK JDK

Due to recent license changes, we are now supporting OpenJDK JDK 17 for use with NetX version 10 or higher. This version is a free download and can be accessed at OpenJDK's download archive here: https://jdk.java.net/17

For additional details, please refer to OpenJDK's installation guide for your server's operating system. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact NetX's support team at support@netx.net.

How to change the version of the JDK that NetX uses

Both of these methods require a restart of NetX in order to take effect.


  1. Open ...Program Files\NetXposure\bin\netxw.exe as Administrator.
  2. Click on the Java" tab, under Java Virtual Machine, update the path to the jvm.dll provided by the new java version. Click Apply.

    Screenshot of the Tomcat Java options page


Update /opt/netx/bin/setenv.sh and replace the old "JAVA_HOME=" value with the new value provided by the updated java version.



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