Supported Platforms

See the table below for detailed information on what software platforms are supported for on-premise installation of the latest NetX products. NetX will not provide assistance with configuration in unsupported environments. For a list of system hardware requirements for hosting NetX, see NetX System Requirements. If you are a SaaS (hosted) customer, NetX sysadmins will be deploying your site and this article will not be relevant.

Component Notes
Application servers

NetX releases are pre-bundled with Apache Tomcat, which is a stable, lightweight and fast-performing application server.

Supported platforms: Apache Tomcat

Supported versions: 9.0.76

Deploying other applications in a single Tomcat container is not supported.


Supported platforms: MySQL

Supported versions: MySQL 5.6, 5.7, 8.0.x

As of NetX 8.9, MySQL must be configured to use the InnoDB storage engine.

See Supported JDBC Drivers for more information on JDBC drivers required for use with NetX databases.


Supported platforms: Microsoft SQL Server

Supported versions: 2019, 2022

SQL Server Express Editions are not supported.

See Supported JDBC Drivers for more information on JDBC drivers required for use with NetX databases.

Search engine

Solr is no longer bundled with the NetX application as of NetX 9. See Upgrading to Solr 8 on Windows or Upgrading to Solr 8 on Linux

Supported platforms: Apache Solr

Supported versions: 8.11.1

Transcoding engines

See Supported Transcoding Engines.

In-memory datastore

Supported platforms: Redis (Linux), Memurai (Windows)

Supported versions: Latest

Mail servers

SMTP servers must be able to support the multipart content type.


Supported platforms: VMware

We are unable to provide any support for VMWare itself.

All of the operating systems listed in the 'Operating systems' rows below are supported for VMware.

Java platforms

Supported platforms: OpenJDK JDK

Supported versions: 17

See JDK - Java Development Kit for more information.

Server operating systems (for on-premise installations only)

Supported platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux

Supported versions: Microsoft Windows 2012 - 2022 Server, CentOS 7.x / RHEL 7.x / Ubuntu Server 16.04

Although NetX is designed to run successfully on all flavors of Linux, we only test NetX on CentOS Linux

Supported browsers

See Supported Browsers for more information.

Antivirus and web filtering

  • Virus checking software is a common cause of performance problems. In particular, Symantec must be uninstalled from the server that you want to install NetX on, as it is known to dramatically reduce NetX performance (even stopping the services does not prevent it from slowing NetX down). 
  • Use of web filters/proxies and other network or local security software is not supported for use with NetX. If issues occur, the customer will be required to disable or whitelist before troubleshooting can commence.


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