How NetX Reports Storage Capacity

Starting in 8.5, NetX now measures storage space using the decimal system, which aligns with how manufacturers report storage capacity. In this system, 1 kilobyte (KB) is equal to exactly 1000 bytes. Previously, we used the binary system, where 1 KB equaled approximately 1024 bytes.

This switch means that the reported storage capacity in NetX 8.5 will appear larger than in previous versions. For SaaS customers, this could mean that your reported usage may increase and potentially exceed your storage subscription limit. To keep an eye on your usage:

Go to Tools > Statistics, and make sure you are on the Usage tab. Under Details, you will see the total storage use of your NetX site.

If you’re nearing your storage limit, we’ll send you an email alert. Should you need more space, please contact your account manager.

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