Rebuilding the Search Index

On occasion, it may be necessary to rebuild the search index for your NetX installation. There are a number of reasons for performing a manual search index rebuild, including:

  • You find that various searches are not providing results as you expect.
  • You are not seeing permissions respected in various contexts.
  • You see log entries that contain the phrase: "Bad sort (not indexed): (java.lang.RuntimeException: field "X" does not appear to be indexed)." (where "X" is some attribute field name).
  • You are instructed to do so by NetX Support.
  • You have changed the setting of a property that affects the index. This will be noted in the article instructing you to change the settings.

Rebuilding the index can take several hours up to several days. For large implementations, it is recommended that a reindex be performed during off-peak hours. Weekends are usually best. The length of time will depend primarily on the following factors:

  • The number of assets to index.
  • The number of attribute fields per asset (and the volume of attribute value data).
  • The speed of the underlying hardware — especially the CPU clock speed and hard drive write speeds.

It is best to not shutdown NetX while the rebuild process is running. However, if there is a need to do so, the rebuilding process will start up where it left off when restarted.

Rebuilding the Search Index

  1. Log in to your instance as an Administrator-level user, click on the System button in the sidebar, then click Indexes.

  2. Click the Rebuild index button at the top of the page.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you wish to rebuild the index.

Verifying a completed reindex

  1. Go to System > Jobs.
  2. Click the Active tab.
  3. The Index jobs counter is at the bottom of the page. When an index is complete, that counter will show a value of 0.
  4. In addition, the ReindexJob should appear in the Completed jobs tab.
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