Storage Location Status Types

For each asset, NetX records a storage location status type in the database. This status can also be viewed in Asset Detail View in Overview > Location.

Type Number Description Forbidden actions

The file associated with the asset is not available. This status is often used for placeholders — assets created with only metadata, and never had a file.

A file's status will change to UNKNOWN if the file somehow becomes lost.

Download, Repurpose, Checkout,

ONLINE 1 The file associated with the asset is available and is in a file path that is readily accessible. Any asset files stored locally have this designation.  
NEARLINE 2 Any HTTP (or remotely) stored asset file — Amazon S3 for example — will be designated as NEARLINE. This denotes the file as available, but must be retrieved from remote storage.  
OFFLINE 3 If an asset is uploaded into an offline location, the asset file will not be retained. Instead it will be used to generate proxies and analyze the file's metadata.  Download, Repurpose, Checkout,

Files which are ordinarily NEARLINE, but have been fetched from remote storage, are stored in temporary directories. TEMP indicates an asset is now available for any action denied while it was in its NEARLINE status. If any asset is deleted, its status reverts to NEARLINE.

CHECKOUT 5 Checked out assets are conferred a unique status. This status bars certain actions until the asset is checked back in or the checkout is cancelled. Download, Repurpose, Checkout
IMPORT_IN_PROGRESS 6 This is a special, transient state that is set for assets that are in the process of being imported. No actions available
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