NetX (Tomcat) Service Won't Start on Windows

If you are running NetX on Windows and the NetX (Tomcat) service will not start, you might see a message similar to this: 

That indicates that something is preventing the Tomcat application server from starting up. The first approach is to review the Tomcat logs as described below:

Name Default location Description
stderr.log C:\Program Files\NetXposure\logs Main Apache Tomcat log; shows all standard console information and Tomcat errors.
commons-daemon.xxxx-xx-xx.log C:\Program Files\NetXposure\logs This is the log for the service itself, sometimes can be used to indicate issues that are preventing Tomcat from starting up and generating stderr.log.

Usually, the logs will assist you in identifying the issue that is causing the service not to start. Common causes include:

  • Another application is already using Port 80 on the server
  • There is an issue with the JDK environment
  • Missing files and/or libraries
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