Integrate Adobe InDesign Server with NetX

To integrate NetX with InDesign Server (IDS), you will need to set some of the following properties.

 InDesign Server instances are single-threaded, which means that a server can only process one job at a time—so if you have multiple NetX instances, they can't share the same InDesign Server (or one NetX instance might send a job to IDS while it's already busy processing jobs for another NetX instance—resulting in the loss of the second job request). In this case you would need to purchase a multi-instance license of IDS.

Property Description

This is the unencrypted HTTP address of the NetX server. The default value is that of the property sys.docroot (i.e., your NetX site's public address). However, if you have your NetX behind a firewall (and with an encrypted HTTPS connection), InDesign will be unable to communicate with NetX and you'll need to set this property. Be sure to include the HTTP port number of your NetX site if it isn't using port 80.

Value options: HTTP address of the NetX server

Requires restart? Yes


Set this to "true" to prevent NetX from using InDesign Server to generate contact sheets. The Create PDF function will use InDesign Server instead of the built-in contact sheet system. The default is false (meaning that InDesign will be used for all supported functionality).

Value options: true / false

Requires restart? Yes


This property tells NetX where to find your InDesign Server. If you are pooling the connections amongst multiple InDesign instances, use a comma separated list to enter them into this property's value, e.g.,

Value options: text

Requires restart? Yes


Set this property to true only if InDesign Server is installed on a server other than the one where NetX resides.

Value options: true / false

Requires restart? Yes


This property specifies where IDS templates are stored on the NetX server. The default path is: /netx/<app-name>/netx/templates/ (for Linux installations), or C:\Program Files\NetXposure\netx\templates (for Windows installations).

Value options: folder path

Requires restart? Yes

Please note that all addresses described here should be fully-qualified URLs including the http:// prefix, and (unless it is the default port 80) the port number. As stated above, these are not https:// encrypted connections; your IDS server(s) are expected to be on the same secure firewall-protected internal network as your NetX server(s).


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