Archiving Assets with Amazon Glacier

Archiving assets to Amazon Glacier storage is one way to cut back on storage costs for infrequently-accessed assets that still need to be catalogued within NetX. For information on how to set up Glacier as a storage option in your NetX instance, see Configuring Amazon Glacier.

Any assets archived using Amazon Glacier will not be immediately accessible – it takes approximately four hours from the initial request before the asset is fully available in NetX. Therefore, the decision to archive an asset to save storage should be weighed against any potential costs to this delay.

Use caution while unarchiving assets from Amazon Glacier; while the costs to send files to Glacier are low, Amazon's retrieval costs can be quite expensive. In addition, changes to storage or asset count in NetX could affect your account billing. Please use caution when using this feature, as an accidental large data retrieval could be costly.

Glossary of terms


The Archive action moves the affected asset(s) from NetX storage to the configured Glacier vault.


The Unarchive action moves the affected asset(s) from the Glacier vault to NetX storage.


When an asset is online, it is stored in NetX's internal default repository. When an asset is online, it is fully accessible within NetX and all usual actions such as downloading or versioning are available. To see if an asset is online, navigate to its asset detail page under Overview; the Location field displays the current online status and location of the asset. 

Temporarily online

There are two options for unarchiving assets: permanently or temporarily. Unarchiving an asset permanently moves it from Glacier to internal NetX storage. Temporarily unarchiving an asset moves it to a temporary directory, where it can be accessed through NetX as a regular online asset for 72 hours; after 72 hours, the asset returns to its offline state. The location of the asset will still display as Amazon Glacier.


When an asset is offline, it is stored in the Amazon Glacier vault. When an asset is offline, it still appears in all galleries and search results. Assets and their data can be previewed in their offline state, but only the following actions are available: 

Using Amazon Glacier


  1. Create a selection of assets. 
  2. Click the action menu on the selection bar.
  3. Select Manage archive from the action menu.
  4. Choose Archive.
  5. Select the Amazon Glacier location.
  6. Click Archive.


  1. Create a selection of assets. 
  2. Click the action menu of the selection bar.
  3. Select Manage archive from the action menu.
  4. Choose Unarchive.
  5. Choose whether the asset will be unarchived temporarily or permanently.
  6. To be notified when the assets become available, click Email when ready and add your email address to the input line.

Uploading to Amazon Glacier

  1. Initiate an upload.
  2. Change the Storage location to Amazon Glacier.
  3. Click Upload

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