Data Source Sync - Customer Requirements

The NetX Data Source Sync Tool is a mechanism for updating metadata from an external data source. There are currently two data source types supported: database (via JDBC), and XML. This tool is extremely powerful and versatile, but requires an understanding of what data should be included in the sync and what values will be sent from NetX in order to fetch the data. Customers who wish to use this tool will be responsible for providing some information and preparing a basic foundation for the Sync Tool to operate. 

Here is a brief overview of what must be provided by the customer:

  1. A query or stored procedure implemented on the client database that will handle the ValueLookup.  Must return a single record for each value queried (i.e. when a new asset forces a ValueLookup, only one record ID can be returned from the source database).
  2. A query that will use the value returned by the ValueLookup to return the additional data from the source database intended for sync. It is ideal if the query result is configured as a "view" in the source database to limit the complexity of the NetX sync configuration.
  3. JDBC connection string and credentials to be used by the NetX application for accessing the source database.
  4. A list of database column names and the NetX attribute each column will map to for the sync.
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