Attribute Permissions

Attribute permissions allow granular control over which attributes users can view and edit. Permissions can be granted at the group level for view and edit access to data specifically relevant to needs and job requirements. Once enabled, attribute permissions override minimum user level access settings, providing two new levels of access:

View: Users can view (but not edit) attribute data.

Edit: Users can edit attribute data.

Attribute permissions cannot be used to grant Browsers, Importers, or Consumers the ability to edit attribute values.

Enabling attribute permissions

To restrict an attribute to Administrators only, enable permissions on the attribute but do not assign any groups.

  1. Access the list of custom attributes by logging into NetX as an administrator. Use the System  button along the left sidebar and choose the Attributes tab.
  2. Find the attribute you wish to set permissions on and flip on the Permissions toggle.
  3. After confirming your choice, choose the groups you want to grant access to and select their respective levels of access: View or Edit.
  4. Click Save when finished.

Editing attribute permissions

To edit attribute permissions, click on the action menu at the end of the attribute row and select Edit permission.

Disabling attribute permissions

To disable attribute permissions, simply flip the attribute permission toggle off. Your group settings will be saved in case you want to re-enable them at a later time. Once attribute permissions are enabled on an attribute, the Minimum user level setting will be ignored. If permissions are disabled, the Minimum user level setting will be reapplied as before.


  • Attribute permissions are cumulative. A user in multiple groups will be subject to all of the groups’ permissions. In the case where permissions conflict, the most permissive setting takes precedence.
  • Mandatory attributes are not exempt from attribute permissions.
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