NetX I/O 4 Installation Guide

This guide provides instructions on how to install the NetX I/O desktop application. For more information on how to configure and use NetX I/O, see the NetX I/O 4 User Guide. If you would like to run NetX I/O in CLI mode (headless), please see NetX I/O 4 CLI.

System requirements

  • NetX I/O is supported on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. If you wish to use NetX I/O on Linux, you must install the NetX I/O CLI version: see NetX I/O 4 CLI.

  • The version indicated for use in NetX I/O's Help tab and the version of your NetX instance must match. NetX I/O 4 requires a NetX version of 9+. 

  • If you are using I/O with multiple NetX server instances, you must have sticky sessions configured on your network load balancer so that each user is routed directly to a single node.


Mac OS Windows
  1. To begin the installation, download the latest Mac OS installer from the Service Portal.
  2. Once you have downloaded the .pkg file, simply double-click to open and follow the prompts in the wizard to begin the installation:
  3. Once the installation has completed, click Close. You can now go into your Applications folder and double-click on NetxIO to launch the application.

Upgrading NetX I/O

Mac OS: Repeat the installation process shown above.

Windows: Download the new installer and run it. It will upgrade the previous version automatically.


  • If you receive the following error during installation, it means that you do not have Visual C++ Redistributable installed. Close the installation, install the package as described above, and restart the installation.
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