Duplicate Asset Detection

With duplicate asset detection enabled, every file uploaded to NetX is marked with a uniquely generated MD5 checksum, then checked to determine if it is already stored in the repository. Note: this feature is distinct from duplicate filename behavior, see Uploading Assets for more information.

Due to the processor-intensive nature of this checksum – especially while uploading larger files (over 100MBs) – the addition of this checksum should be carefully considered as it will apply this setting across all uploaded files.

Enabling duplicate asset detection

There are two components to duplicate asset detection: checksum generation and the duplicate asset job. Each of these is controlled by a separate property, but both must be set to true to enable duplicate asset detection.

Checksum generation

This setting generates MD5 checksums for any asset uploaded or resynced in NetX. This checksum is a unique signature based on the file's content, allowing NetX to detect when an identical file is uploaded, regardless of file name. Setting this property alone doesn't enable duplicate detection, only checksum generation. See Asset Integrity Check for more details.

Property Description

If the value of this property is true, this checksum will apply to all assets uploaded or resynced in NetX. If the value of this property is false, checksums will not be generated. A resync of any assets already stored in NetX is required once this property is enabled, or existing assets will not receive a checksum.

Value options: true / false

Requires restart: No


Duplicate asset job

Duplicate asset detection uses the checksum generated by uploading or resyncing assets to identify duplicate files, then prevents them from being uploaded as new assets. To enable duplicate asset detection, both properties must be set to true.

  • If a duplicate file is uploaded to a folder that is different from the pre-existing asset, no upload will take place — instead, the original asset will be added to the new folder location. This is similar to the add function when organizing assets, and the new folder location will be reflected on the asset's Folders tab of its detail view.
  • If a duplicate file is uploaded to the same folder as the pre-existing asset, there will be no change to that asset and no upload will take place.
  • If a new version is checked into an asset that is a duplicate of a pre-existing asset, it will be rejected during check-in.
Property Description

If the value of this property is true, duplicate asset detection is turned on. When this property's value is false, duplicate asset detection is turned off and duplicate files will always upload as new assets.

Value options: true/false

Requires restart: Yes

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