Repurposing Assets

This article covers how to launch a repurpose action for all eligible asset types. For more detail regarding manual image repurposing, look here. To learn more about managing and using image presets, look here.

Repurposing is the process of modifying or transcoding assets by sending them through manipulation processes. As a NetX action, this means applying certain modifications to image, video, and audio assets for the purposes of downloading or sharing derivative files.

Repurpose action

You can only customize repurpose operations as presets for bulk or singular repurpose downloads with image type assets; audio and video assets are limited to the preset options presented in the download modal when they are selected for download.

Only the following types of assets may be repurposed:

Individual assets

There are two ways to perform a repurpose action on a single asset:

  • Right-click an asset's thumbnail while viewing a gallery and choose Repurpose from the context menu. 
  • Use the action menu on an asset's detail page and select Repurpose from the menu.

The availability of the repurpose option is dependent on whether an asset's file type is repurpose-able (image, audio, or video assets).

Selection of assets

Once a  selection is active, open the selection bar action menu and click Repurpose.

Mixed selection

Audio assets may be repurposed from the selection bar, but may not be repurposed in bulk.

Unlike other bulk actions across a selection while using the selection bar, repurposing a selection of assets with mixed format types will only allow you to perform the action across each asset type individually. This means If you have audio, video, and image assets in your selection, each one of these may be bulk-repurposed, but only one format per repurpose action. Asset types that cannot be repurposed will never be included in this bulk action, even if the action appears for the selection as a whole. 

Audio assets

Audio assets can be trimmed or converted between mp3wav, and flac audio formats. 

Playback actions

Audio can be previewed before it is trimmed, using the following playback actions found along the foot of the repurpose window. From left to right:

  • Start button: Restarts your audio file from its beginning.
  • Rewind button: Rewinds the audio player five seconds.
  • Play/Pause button: Plays and pauses the audio file.
  • Fast forward button: Fast forwards the audio player five seconds.
  • End button: Automatically snaps to the end of the audio file.

Output formats

Use the Format dropdown to determine whether your repurposed file will download as an mp3wav, or flac file.


Audio files may be trimmed down from their full length and downloaded in segments. Segments of an audio asset may be selected by:

  • Dragging your cursor across the waveform.
  • Manually inputting Start and End timestamps. From left to right the fields correspond to hoursminutes, seconds, and milliseconds
  • Using the plus and minus buttons found to the right of both the Start and End fields. These buttons add or subtract seconds from your trim time, respectively.

No matter your method for selecting a trim segment, the trim area will display a colored overlay to visually indicate its position in the waveform. To clear your trim selection entirely, click the Clear trim button. 


Image assets

Individual assets

While the ability to manually repurpose assets is normally governed by default user level restrictions, this restriction may be altered by an administrator.

You can choose to apply certain repurpose operations manually to image assets on the fly. For more information regarding manual image repurposing and the operations which may be performed on an image, see Repurpose Operations.


If you are repurposing multiple images in bulk, you can only repurpose via presets that have been created by administrators. More than one preset may be selected as part of the same download action. For more information regarding presets and their creation, see Managing Repurpose Presets .

Repurposed assets may be downloaded immediately, or shared to external recipients via a share link. Image presets may be added to a share link, but share link users can't download a preset individually, i.e. they must be included in a bulk download action from the link.

Video assets

Downloading repurposed videos may take longer than downloading the original video files, depending on the number of presets and videos you are repurposing. If you want to use the application while your videos are being processed for download, select the Email when done option from the download progress window to receive a share link of your repurposed videos to your registered email address. 

The process for downloading video assets, unlike image and audio asset types, is the same regardless of whether a single video or many videos are being repurposed in the same action. In either case, you can choose from a variety of Presets of video resolution and bitrates. More than one preset may be selected during the download action. These preset options may be truncated for bulk selections.


Property Description

The value of this property is a user level and can be used to alter the default restrictions regarding manually repurposing image assets. Note: this value should be the numerical equivalent of the desired user level, not the plain-text label – e.g. consumerdirector, etc.

Value options: number

Requires restart? No

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