Video Transcripts and Captions

NetX offers searchable video transcripts and closed captioning (subtitles) for video previews through the use of .vtt files. Producers and above can manage transcript/caption files for video assets.

The only supported transcript/caption file type in NetX is .vtt. Other caption formats can be attached to a video asset as a view, but will not be displayed during video previews.

Adding a transcript/caption file

Your VTT view must be named previewVTT or it will not be recognized by the video player. Only one previewVTT can be attached to a video asset at a time. Both the transcript and captions features will use this single vtt file.

  1. Navigate to an asset's detail page.
  2. Select the Views tab. 
  3. Use the plus + button along the top-left of the tab's header; this will initiate the Add view action. 
  4. Give your new view the name previewVTT, a Description (optional), and select a file using the window's file picker or by dragging a file from your local storage.
  5. To upload your view, click Save; to close the window without uploading the view or saving any configuration changes, click Cancel.

For more information regarding asset views and their management, see Asset Views.

Viewing transcripts

To view video transcripts, toggle the Transcript button in the video player. The app will remember your preference and display transcripts for all videos until turned off.

As the video plays, the current timestamp will be highlighted in the transcript. Click on any timestamp to jump to that point in the video.

Searching transcripts

To search within a video transcript, enter your keywords in the search bar at the top of the transcript pane. The transcript will filter to show only timestamps containing those terms. Click on a timestamp to jump to that point in the video.

Downloading transcripts

To download the transcript as a vtt file, click the Download button at the bottom of the transcript pane

Enabling captions

Turn captions on and off for a video by hovering over the CC button that appears with the video's playback controls. Toggle between captions and captions off to watch the video with and without captions.

Searching transcript/caption content

To make your caption/transcript content searchable via for NetX's basic and advanced search tools, configure the properties below:

Property Description

If this property is true, the contents of VTT files added as views to assets will be indexed for content searches while using keyword or advanced searches. If this property is false, VTT contents will not be indexed, and therefore unsearchable even if search.keywordIncludeContents is true.

Value options: true / false

Requires restart? No


If this property is true, the contents of document files will be searchable while performing both keyword and advanced searches. If this property is false, VTT files will not be searchable via keyword (basic) search.

Value options: true / false

Requires restart? No

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