User Profile

Users may adjust several elements of their experience in NetX, as well as change their contact information using the options under the User menu in the application header.


In Profile, users can make changes to their contact information, password, and email preferences. To access the profile modal, click Profile in the User menu. Your username may not be changed, but you can change your first and last nameemail address, and password. Clicking more info at the bottom of the modal shows additional contact information fields, like mailing address and phone numbers. It is also where you can change your email preference. The email preference determines whether or not you receive any email from the NetX application. By default all user accounts are created with the preference to receive emails unless specified otherwise. Additional email options are available in Settings

Unchecking the Receive email box will block all email from being sent to that account, no matter whether it's triggered by another user or system-generated.


User settings allow you to: edit your email preferences for your active reviews or asset imports, adjust the language NetX will use for messaging and labels, as well as toggle between light and dark themes. 


Email notification settings

To manage your email notification settings for certain system-generated emails, click the Email tab. Here, you can specify whether or not you would like email notifications sent immediately (within 15 minutes), daily a summary of all changes that occurred that day), or never.

  • Asset import reports: This email is sent when you upload assets, and shows a report of successfully uploaded assets and their details. Please note this option will only present for users producer and above.
  • Review updates: These emails are sent as part of the review and approval feature, and inform the user about various actions that have occurred within the review they are participating in.


The first time a user visits a site, NetX will attempt to set the language preference based on their browser preference. During that process, this preference is stored in a cookie — if you want to change it again, you'll have to manually choose the language via this setting in the User Profile. Choosing a new language reloads the NetX application in your browser. Supported languages include:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese


By default, the NetX interface displays the dark or light theme depending on your device's OS setting. You can also manually choose which theme you'd like to use, regardless of device settings. NetX's light theme will use the traditional white backdrop, with accent colors determined by your site's administrator. The dark theme will also use accent colors set by an administrator, over a black backdrop. 

Attribute sets

Attribute sets are utilized in several places throughout the NetX interface. To learn more, see managing user attribute sets.


The contact form allows you to send an email to the NetX administrator from within the application, even if you are not sure who that is. You will need to provide a Subject, your email address in the Email From field, and the Message, of course. You may also check the CC yourself box to receive a copy of the email as well. After all fields are filled in, click Submit.

The Contact feature must be enabled by an administrator, see NetX Global Email Settings for more information.


The Logout option ends your NetX user session and will empty your current selection or end any uploads or downloads you are currently processing. 

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