Resyncing Assets

Resyncing assets regenerates an asset's proxy files, e.g. thumbnails, previews, and zoom views and updates the search index with any metadata or permissions changes. The resync action is available to Producers and above and can be performed on an individual asset or a selection of assets.

Resync tasks

The resync action includes many sub-tasks:

  • Delete and regenerate the thumbnail; resyncing will delete and overwrite any custom thumbnails applied to any of the assets being resynced. 
  • Delete and regenerate the preview.
  • Delete and regenerate any zoom view.
  • Execute the XMP embedded metadata task.
  • Reindex the asset's metadata and permissions. This updates the data used by NetX's search engine and changes are reflected in the asset's index tab.

Resync action

Single asset

A resync action on a single asset can be triggered in two ways:

  • Right-click an asset's thumbnail in the gallery; choose Resync from the subsequent context menu.
  • Click the action menu of an asset's detail page; choose Resync

Neither a warning nor confirmation dialog will appear while resyncing a single asset.

Selection of assets

There are 2 ways to perform a resync action on a selection of assets:

  1. Right-click the thumbnail of any asset which is part of your current selection; select Resync from its subsequent context menu. This will apply to all assets in your selection, not just the chosen asset. 
  2. Use the action menu of the selection bar; choose Resync.
  3. Click Resync on the warning dialog to begin the resync.

Resync scope

If you want to update the search index but don't feel it's necessary to regenerate proxy files for an asset, you can perform a Search only resync. This resync type is considerably less taxing on time and system resources. This option will be presented when starting a resync action from a selection; use the drop-down menu to choose All or Search only.

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