Embedding Attributes on Download

NetX manages two different types of Asset Metadata:

  • Attributes - name/value pairs of data that are stored in NetX and searchable from the integrated search engine.
  • Embedded Metadata - values of various types and formats, stored inside the asset file itself. There are a wide variety of embedded metadata formats including IPTC, EXIF (digital camera information), Camera Raw, Dublin Core, and various Adobe extensions among others. However, Adobe's XMP has become the industry standard, becoming a common container for all the other embedded metadata types.

This feature provides the ability to embed NetX attribute values into an asset file when a download or share action is executed. Administrators can specify which attributes users can embed by configuring metadata maps.

Attribute values can only be embedded while downloading or sharing the original file, or by downloading an asset that has been repurposed in some way. Derivatives or proxy file downloads such as thumbnails and previews are excluded from this feature.  

Embedding metadata will increase the download time for any requested assets. 

  1. Trigger a download or share action. 
  2. Select either a preset or the Original asset to download.
  3. Navigate to the Attribute info tab of the window.
  4. Enable the Embed attributes toggle. If there is more than one map, you can choose the desired map from the dropdown.
  5. Click Download. If you are using a share link, the metadata will be embedded when the asset is downloaded from the link page.

Manually repurposing images

  1. Trigger a repurpose action with an image asset. 
  2. Apply repurpose operations
  3. When downloading the repurposed asset, select Embed assets. If there is more than one map to choose from, use the dropdown to select the correct map.
  4. Click Download.

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