Exporting Attribute Data

Quickly export asset data by initiating a downloadshare, or Export attributes action.

Exporting attributes

  1. Select your desired assets.
  2. Click the selection bar action menu and choose Export attributes
  3. Choose to download the attribute data, or create a share link
  4. Customize which attributes to export. You can export all attributes, select system or user attribute sets, or add attributes individually. Included attributes may be edited via the drop-down menu, rearranged with the drag icon, or removed with the button. Remove all attributes with the X inside of the Selected tag that provides an attribute count.
  5. Click Download to download your data file; Cancel to close the window.

Available attributes

The following attribute data can be exported: 

  • File: The name of the physical file, including extension.
  • Name: The name of the asset record in NetX. 
  • AssetID: The unique identification number assigned to the asset when it's imported to the system.
  • ModUser: The user account that last modified the asset.
  • ModDate: The date of the most recent modification to the asset in NetX.
  • CreationDate: The creation of the original file, usually embedded in the file's metadata by the creation device such as a camera.
  • ImportDate: The date the asset was uploaded in NetX.
  • Path: The folder path(s) that the asset resides in.
  • Custom attribute data. Note: unlike system attributes, some assets may have no value for an exported attribute. These attributes will be present in the data export but without values.

Advanced settings

Properties Description

By default, exported attribute data will download in .csv format. An administrator can adjust this property to download a .xlsx file instead.

Value options: csv / xlsx

Requires restart? Yes

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